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Why GiGi’s | Meet the Robinsons

A No Limits Down Syndrome Story

GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis is amazing! This facility is a place that anyone can be or become whomever or whatever they want to be. The nurturing, guidance and acceptance of each participant from other participants has made Jaida KNOW that she is ok just the way she is.

GiGi’s Playhouse is not just a support group. It’s a family that supports one another. Every family is made up of people who are different shapes, different sizes and have different and unique abilities. Our family members were even blessed with an extra chromosome. 

Thank you for giving individuals with Down syndrome a place to call HOME.

Jaida was the first child to come thru the doors after GiGi’s Playhouse opened in our area and she has been coming ever since. She loves The Playhouse and we are eternally grateful for having a place that will help her grow, thrive and be the best she can be.

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