GetFit@GiGi’s Workout from Brianna Kramer

This week’s workout from Brianna Kramer, Group Fitness Instructor at Noblesville Athletic Club, certified in Spin, TRX and PiYo

10 reps, 3-5 rounds

Squat series:
Feet and knees together squat. Step right and squat, together and squat, left and squat. Down to a plank, push up (PU) hop in and stand up. All that is 1 rep.

Traveling PU:
Go down to knees or feet (depending on fitness level) do a center PU, walk hands to the right, PU, walk hands to center PU, walk hands to left PU, back to center..etc. Center/Right/Center/Left is 1 rep.

Hold a center plank on elbow for 25 secs. Open into a right plank (on left knee for modification) right hand up. Thread the kneedle (bring right hand down between left side and floor) and back up. Do 10 of those. Hold center plank 25 secs, and thread kneedle on the left side 10 reps.

Tricep PU:
Go to plank, on knees, hands are placed under shoulders so that the shoulder, elbow and wrists are in line. Lower the upper body down, bending the elbows towards the body so that they brush the rib cage on the way down. You do not need to go down to the floor, but just above. Even a small movement can be big for those tricep muscles. Do 5 of these. They are hard, so 10 will likely be too much!

Frog Hop:
Start in a plank. Bring the right leg in to the outside of the right arm, then left leg. Take them back into the plank position. Hop in with both legs to the outside of arms, raise up as if you were catching a ball and hop back into the plank. That is 1 rep.

The idea here is to do 10 reps of each group (except the tricep PU…those are 5) at least 3 rounds. This will be a good overall workout. If someone does one round and they are maxed out, that’s fine! Everyone has to start somewhere!! 🙂

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