Community Connections – Indiana Roof Ballroom

GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis has an enormous amount of community connections that stem from a common vision, philanthropy or having a personal connection to someone with Down syndrome. Back in 2014, Laura Mays, one of the first board members when the playhouse opened its doors, met with Antonia Zunarelli from the Indiana Roof Ballroom to discuss hosting the first GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis Gala in one of Indianapolis’s most renowned locations. They quickly learned that their hearts connected because of 2 special individuals; Laura’s son and Antonia’s brother who both happen to have Down syndrome. From that moment on, our favorite day of the year has been hosted at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

When speaking with Antonia, she described that her involvement in our annual Gala is not strictly business, but emotional. She was her brothers guardian after their elderly mother passed. Antonia stated that a richer life was what she was hoping for her brother. He passed away a few years ago in his 50’s.

“My goal is to help support GiGi’s to get to a fundraising goal. We all gather for a purpose. The Indiana Roof Ballroom is just a step along the way.”

Antonia believes that any individual with Down syndrome or any other diagnosis should feel loved, welcomed, and have a social outlet outside of their family. In her words “This is what GiGi’s brings to the community”. She values our mission, the opportunities that GiGi’s makes easily accessible and the safe environment.

The Indiana Roof Ballroom is a premier space that has the ability to host everyone who enjoys celebrating with us annually at our I Have A Voice Gala. However, as you just read, the connection is greater than that. The GiGi’s magic found its way to Antonia and the rest is history!

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