Best of All February 2023 Issue – Cole

Back in 2015, GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis opened their doors and Cole was one of the first participants to be welcomed! Over the course of the last 8 years, Cole has been involved in every area of our playhouse. He was originally involved in teen programs such as Fantastic Friends, Teen Tastic, GiGi’s Summer Adventures and more. As time went on, he quickly became involved in EPIC, SMART, GiGi’s Kitchen Adult, Music, and GiGiFIT Adult. But, if you know Cole, you know it does not stop there! Cole has a huge heart that loves to serve. He enjoys volunteering for events at the playhouse and performs at our annual “I Have A Voice” Gala. If there is ever an area where help is needed, Cole is always one of the first adult advocates to step up to the plate and give his “Best of All”. We are honored to nominate Cole as our February Best of All!

“Cole looks forward to attending the E.P.I.C. program at GiGi’s each Wednesday where they focus on Empowerment, Participation, Independence, and Community. Cole loves volunteering at different places in the community with his friends from GiGi’s. He has always been a helper. Cole enjoys working hard and assisting with anything that needs to be done.”

– Cole’s Mom

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