A Glimpse Into Our E.P.I.C. Passport

Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Shalom! These are ways to say hello in a few of the countries that we have visited during our E.P.I.C. program this session. We have been virtually traveling to a different country each week to learn about and immerse ourselves in various cultures! Participants made passports that included a stamp from each visited country! We have been lucky enough to continue traveling with both our virtual and in-person E.P.I.C. programs. Here are a few of the countries we have visited including the fun activities we completed in each location! 


Africa: We took a virtual safari tour in Tanzania to see different animals and made African spin drums! 

Canada: We explored the origin of maple syrup and created igloos out of sugar cubes! 

Germany: We visited castles and learned about the architecture. We also made crepes! 

Israel: We explored the Dead Sea by completing a salt water experiment! We made an Israeli Salad as well. 


In the coming weeks we will be visiting Mexico, India, and Puerto Rico. We would love for you to follow along on our journey by checking out our social media pages each Wednesday to see where we traveled that week! Here you can follow our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages. 

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