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Never Give Up!

There are times that, as a parent, you may feel like your child is not picking up a skill that you feel they should have.  When this happens, it’s natural to become discouraged, but that doesn’t mean you should every give up!!

There is a quote by George Evans that says, “Every child can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.” This is so, so true. As a teacher, I cannot express to you the number of times I have had to change the way I approach a topic because a student may not be understanding the concept.  This is normal with every single child, every single adult, every single person out there.

Try to think of a time that you were learning a new skill and you had difficulty understanding it…What did you do?  In today’s modern society you might have gone to YouTube and watched a video on how to complete the task.  The first time you were taught the skill didn’t work for you, so you had to learn it a different way. A way that worked for you.

This is completely true with all our participants, especially our adults. Our current sessions of GiGi U and GiGi Prep welcome seven students in each class. In these classes, I have individuals whom people have given up on when trying to teach them a certain skill saying that they have tried repeatedly and the student just won’t understand the concept. This is WRONG!  You should never think that your child can not learn a skill, EVERYONE is capable of learning!  Whether it is through videos, games, or hands-on learning, they can always learn.

Alec and volunteer Nancy work on math skills with a fun, visual game


If there is a concept or a skill that your child is having difficulty learning, NEVER GIVE UP!  We spend our whole lives learning new skills and it is never too late to try a new approach to expand those skills.

-Lyndsey Curry

For more information about our GiGi U and GiGi Prep programs, check out our website at https://gigisplayhouse.org/hoffmanestates/gigi-u or email us at gigiuniversity@gigisplayhouse.org

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