Meet Our Intern Jessica

Jessica joins us for her internship from Aurora University. She has been helping in the Career Programs such as Hugs & Mugs, GiGi Prep, and most recently GiGiU. Jessica has been with GiGi’s since August 2022 and will be with us until May 2023.  
While volunteering in Hugs & Mugs, Jessica spends her time 1:1 with the adults helping them complete their task lists and work on certifications needed to gain independent employment in the community.  
The Spring 2023 class of GiGi Prep will be Jessica’s second GiGi Prep class and her first GiGiU. Jessica is such a great example to the adults in the Career Development Programs. She is always on time and acts in a professional manner. She is a great example for our adults to see, and we are so lucky to have her!  

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