GiGi’s At Home Making An Impact

GiGi’s Playhouse facilitates over 4,400 FREE therapeutic and educational program hours a week at GiGi’s locations across the United States and Mexico. Just because we are physically distant, does not mean you can’t have access to the same purposeful programming that you are accustomed to. The great news is we have two ways for you to stay connected to GiGi’s Playhouse programs with Live and On Demand Programs.  GiGi’s At Home has brought GiGi’s programs into the homes of our families during these uncertain times.  Here’s what our families are saying about GiGi’s At Home.

“GiGi’s at home means to me that I can not only continue learning new skills and staying fit, but I have the opportunity to show my family what I’ve been learning and include them in my GiGi program activities. ”   – Krista’s Mom (Marge)

“The seamless transition from the in person LMNOP classes to remote classes with Dr. Jay was flawless. During a time of uncertainty Dr. Jay’s class brought us a sense of normalcy and routine.”  – Jay’s Mom (Jamie)

“Thank goodness for GiGi’s at Home!  It has helped Jenny keep structure and continued learning about her Hugs job during this pandemic.  With Jenny not working at Jewel for 2 ½ months she looked forward to her Wed. and Friday meetings online.  Was able to work on the skills and vocabulary to keep up on her Hugs responsibilities since she was not able to physically go into the store to work.  Jenny’s schedule is full now with working at Jewel and the days she has off she has her online meetings with Hugs.  I thought it was a wonderful experience for her to be online which gave her additional skills working on the IPad or Chrome Book.” – Jenny’s Mom (Linda)

“GiGi’s at Home has been the best.  Without GiGi’s at home Robert would have struggled mentally and socially.  He has gain so much from the Studio Cafe. GiGiFit has been helping him stay strong.  He normally would be figure skating with his theater on ice team.   Since the day the programs became active Robert has been a part of them.  GiGi’s at home opened a whole new experience for Robert.  I have seen how Robert at the age of 43 is still learning.  He amazes us.  For not being educated at an early age on computers.  He can navigate our desktop, his new Chromebook and his smart phone, it took him awhile to switch from the desktop to the Chromebook.  Now he’s all about his Chromebook.  We thank all of the staff at GiGi’s you’re amazing, Robert’s skill level has improved through this stay at home situation.” – Robert’s Mom (Julia)


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