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Welcome to GiGi’s at Home programming! GiGi’s Playhouse facilitates over 4,400 FREE therapeutic and educational program hours a week at GiGi’s locations across the United States and Mexico. Just because we are physically distant, does not mean you can’t have access to the same purposeful programming that you are accustomed to. The great news is we have two ways for you to stay connected to GiGi’s Playhouse programs.

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GiGi's At Home, Girl with Down Syndrome cooking

GiGi’s at Home has been incredibly helpful in Covid-19 times. Not only does it give our daughter Lucia something meaningful to do, but it also creates a daily routine and a schedule for her to follow and look forward. It has taught her to check what is offered online, choose programs based on her preferences, sign up, and create a calendar reminder for herself.  She has enjoyed GiGi’s Kitchen, Dance, Yoga, GiGiFIT, Fantastic Friends, and more! Before the stay at home order, getting to the Playhouse was a challenge as we live 45 min away and Lucia was working 3 jobs. Now more than ever she is able to take advantage of the programs offered and we can’t thank GiGi’s Playhouse enough for working so hard to create a GiGi’s at Home for ALL.

- Lucia’s Mom, Maria Romano (Raleigh).  Lucia is 23 they atttend programming in Raleigh

Thank you for making these virtual programs possible! Hayden loved music today and "seeing" friends!

- Kate, Hayden's Mom (Nashville). Hayden is 6 and attends programming in Nashville.

GiGi's Playhouse Volunteer

I love volunteering at GiGi’s as I feel fortunate to be able to donate my skills and experience to my favorite population in the world. Being able to provide virtual LMNOP classes to families stuck at home in the pandemic, makes me feel like I am contributing necessary skills and practical activities that help families help their little ones with Down syndrome. There is no better feeling than watching each little child pop up on the Zoom screen and begin to gesture along and sign with me every Thursday at 2. I can’t wait until the day I can see everyone in person again

- Jill Rabin, GiGi's Playhouse Deerfield Volunteer

Our family has been a part of GiGi's one-on-one Speech for many years at the Phoenix playhouse and Brooklynn has always done amazing with Ainsley. The transition to "at-home" learning and therapy has been incredibly tough for our daughter and most times a major struggle. It was as if Brooklynn couldn't connect to the person in the computer, even her teacher that she has worked with for years. We decided to try GiGi's At Home Speech one-on-one through our local Phoenix playhouse and Brooklynn is doing amazing! GiGi's speech therapy is the ONLY one she will interact with and sit through. She concentrates and will interact with Ainsley and we are so happy to be able to continue the progress during this time! We could not be more thankful for GiGi's Playhouse for continuing to provide for our daughter!

GiGi’s at Home Live!

GiGi’s at Home Live is our way of bringing 35+ purposeful programs to you each and every month at a specific time. This allows you to interact with our volunteer program leaders and fellow participants, engaging in purposeful activities designed for your loved one's age group.

GiGi’s at Home On Demand!

GiGi’s at Home On Demand is our way of bringing 1,700+ purposeful programs to you at a time that is convenient for you. You will have access to program recordings, lesson plans and activities to use when you are ready.

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