GiGi’s Amina Grace Speech & Language at Home!

GiGi’s Playhouse Hoffman Estates to proud to serve our families with the FREE 1:1 Amina Grace Speech & Language Program. Yes even during this season where we need to be home, GiGi’s is coming to participants right where they are!  We are seeing big impacts in the lives of our or hard-working participants and are excited to share one story with you today.


Down syndrome free programsKrista has been working hard during virtual speech sessions this fall.  She consistently displays a positive attitude and is persistent in completing the drill work that is required to improve her speech clarityMany individuals with Down syndrome have difficulty with the strength, timing, and coordination of muscle movements for speech due to hypotonia (low muscle tone).  Fortunately, Krista has been hard at work with Dr. Jay at GiGi’s.  Sessions begin with talking about what Krista has done during her day prior to speech.  She often shares that she has spent time outside or watching a movie.  Krista also likes to watch wrestling on TV.  She always shares that she had a ham sandwich for lunch.  Krista works on saying all the sounds in the words that she uses.  She is also working specifically on the /s/ sound.  Krista never gives up during sessions. She keeps working on a word or short phrase as she is given feedback on how to improve her speech.    Sometimes her sister is with her during 1:1 speech, this is a big help and GiGi’s always hopes to empower family and caregivers to support a participants #BestofAll.  Krista proudly uses the words we are working on and then gives her sister a “high five”.  Improving speech clarity and the ability to answer questions will help Krista become more independent.   


Down syndrome program

“Working with Doctor Jay has been the most impactful part of Krista’s work at GiGi’s. Since she started working with her, Krista has been trying hard every day to form full sentences, enhance the sounds in each word she says and is excited to engage in conversation with her family. We are beyond grateful for the positive changes we have seen in Krista since she has been meeting with Dr. Jay.” ~ Margaret Daughtery






We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved on our website HERE.




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