She’s got a lot to say, and now we’re hearing it!

“We have been so impressed with Grace’s speech progress. She is now communicating with us using three or more words and her clarity has greatly improved! It’s amazing the doors that have been opened now that she can voice her opinion, communicate her needs, and express herself verbally. She’s got a lot to say, and now we’re hearing it! Thank you so much to GiGi’s and the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program, and of course, Miss Taylor! We can’t say enough how grateful we are!” -Becky, Grace’s mom

Between her contagious smile and enthusiastic exploration of the various rooms in the playhouse, this little one is hard to miss! Grace is a 4 ½-year old little girl who has been an active participant in the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program since Spring 2016. Grace loves flashcards, a variety of pretend play (e.g. dolls, kitchen, etc.), iPad games, and anything movement-based. When she isn’t in the speech room, you can find her in the gym throwing, kicking, bouncing, and shooting hoops with an assortment of balls. She brings her energy and curious-nature to her speech session every week! During speech, we’ve been working on her understanding and use of language (receptive and expressive language), speech sound production and clarity (articulation), increasing her oral-motor strength, tone, and range of motion, and using language for social purposes (pragmatics). Grace is extremely cooperative and responsive to the interventions provided during therapy. Her sessions are full of laughter, learning, and big squeezes! Her progress has been absolutely phenomenal and watching her meet her goals has been exciting! The Amina Grace Speech and Language Program at the Hoffman Estates’ Playhouse is dedicated to increasing Grace’s speech and language skills so she can continue to actively participate and communicate with her family and friends. Way to go, Grace!!


To learn more about the Amina Grace Speech & Language program click HERE!




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