GiGiFIT Toddler takes concepts of foundational movements, mobility activities, visual-vestibular activities, and reflex integration to the next level in a fast-paced, super fun and socially interactive atmosphere for young children who have recently mastered the ability to walk on their own.

Ashlee Downs first started volunteering for GiGiFIT Toddler when we were one of three Playhouses to pilot this incredible program. Ashlee said, “being a volunteer for GiGi Fit has been such an incredible experience. I got to witness kids with Down syndrome come in with little skills and by the end of the program, be able to do those skills such as walking to being able to step on and off things on their own. Every kid brought in so much positive energy and it was so exciting to see their skills progress every session. I can’t wait to see how much more they progress and grow throughout upcoming GiGi fit programs.”

“Enrolling our daughter Addi in GiGiFit toddler was the best decision. Prior to starting the classes, Addi had just started taking a few steps here and there and was falling all over the place. I was worried that not only would she be the youngest in the class, that she had a lot of work to do. Boy, was I wrong, Working with Amber, Jess and Ashley has helped improve her motor skills immensely. She is now walking all over the place, can stand up from a seated position in a chair, walk over objects, climb steps, and is working on incline/decline walking. I’m so glad we were able to join this pilot program and hope it is something we will be able to continue.” – Patty Sneddon-Kisting, Addi’s mom

We are so excited to continue to offer GiGiFIT Toddler this fall!

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