What is Jeans for Genes? 

Down syndrome occurs when there is a third copy of the 21st chromosome. To honor these unique genetics, we invite you to host a Jeans for Genes Day. 

Jeans for Genes Days are the perfect way for schools, businesses, and organizations to make a difference at a local level by promoting acceptance and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome while raising money to keep educational, therapeutic-based, and career development programming FREE to our families at GiGi’s Playhouse Des Moines! 

Hosting a Jeans for Genes Day is Easy: 

  • You choose the date 
  • You set the donation level ($21, $9, $5, $3) 
  • Students/employees are asked to make a charitable contribution and are invited to wear jeans on a day of your choosing in return for their support 
  • We will provide you with stickers, so you can show your support with pride 
  • We will also provide you with an info packet including donation forms, posters, and brochures 

Does your school or business already dress casually? No problem-try a dress-up or themed day and increase your impact! 


You can make a meaningful impact by hosting a

Jeans for Genes Day in support of Down Syndrome

and GiGi’s Playhouse Des Moines!