How we are staying busy during the pandemic

Summer break came early!

That is what we told our kids just last week. During these trying times we have really been trying to take full advantage of extra family time. Prior to COVID-19 we often found ourselves wondering where time had gone and wishing for it back.

We hope to never live through something like this again but while we are we sure are trying to soak in all the “extra” time we do get to have with each other. We are still navigating this new normal but as the weather improves have found it so essential to get outside even for a walk around the block.

All three kids have really enjoyed taking nature walks on the trail by our house. Alex has virtual school once a week and Nick participates in virtual GiGiFit and LMNOP. Both have done quite well adapting to this way of learning. We are so grateful to GiGi’s and Alex’s teacher for providing our kids with something that feels normal to them.

These are times we (hopefully) won’t have again! I would encourage you and your family to look at it that way. Try and find one thing each day to be grateful for and look forward to a healthy, joyous return to our community! We miss you all deeply!

– Mary, Nick’s mom

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