Volunteer Spotlight – Megan and Sara

We love taking a moment to brag about all of our amazing volunteers! This spotlight features the fantastic duo of Megan and Sara, two Speech and Language Pathologists, who joined us several months ago as the new Co-Leads for Leaps & Bounds. They have implemented such amazing examples each month of what purposeful programming looks like and it is quite evident in the number of families who now attend! From their well written lesson plans to the schedule board, length of activities, and post-program report, they hold their role in high regard and are such wonderful leads! We have seen improvement in every participant’s effort!

We asked Megan and Sara about their experience here at GiGi’s Playhouse so far. Here is what they had to say:


Sara – “As one of the co-leads for the Leaps and Bounds program, I have experienced so much joy from working with our GiGi’s Playhouse preschoolers and their families. I love working with the preschool population because magic is as simple as making slime, singing hello, or playing with the parachute! One of the main focuses running the Leaps & Bounds program has been to incorporate as much fun and parent involvement in our programming as possible. We love themed learning through units such as Winter and Transportation to expose our preschoolers to new and functional vocabulary. I think GiGi’s Playhouse does an incredible job with their purposeful programming by fostering speech, language, gross motor, fine motor, and social development for all of its participants. I always feel pushed to think of new and exciting ways to target these skills each session we hold. Overall I have loved my time at GiGi’s thanks to the caring families, as well as the incredible group of preschoolers who constantly amaze me with all of their wonderful skills!”

Megan – “I first learned about GiGi’s Playhouse through my cousin Nick who is a participant. I saw what an invaluable organization that GiGi’s is through its participant and family support and purposeful programming, and knew I needed to get involved! These past several months co-leading Leaps & Bounds has been such a wonderful experience. I love getting to see familiar and new faces each month along with their families. This is an amazing age group with the ability to absorb new skills, and I’ve been loving being able to see the participants gain those new skills and confidence each month. I’m looking forward to many more Leaps & Bounds programs!”



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