volunteer spotlight – Fred Tyus, Jr. – aka DJ FrediMak!

Here at GiGi’s Playhouse, we have an incredible group of volunteers. These amazing people give of their time and energy, as well as their talent. One of the most favorite volunteers among our teen and adult groups is Fred. Fred is known to this older crowd as DJ FrediMak and is a HUGE hit with them! They know when he’s at the Playhouse that they are in for an incredibly fun night! Fred is a DJ in the Cleveland area and has donated his time and talent to GiGi’s for almost two years now for our karaoke nights at Teen Tastic and Fantastic Friends. Here is what Fred had to say of his experience here at GiGi’s Playhouse:

“I consider myself fortunate to work with the participants at GiGi’s, because when I’m there it makes me feel so much better as a person, that I can help bring so much happiness to their day. They welcome me with huge smiles and are eager to either dance or sing along to the music that I play! We have a very interactive time together, and I always look forward to coming back. The staff and volunteers at GiGi’s are the driving force that gets things done and just keeps the learning and fun coming. What a wonderful place to be associated with!”


Fred, thank you for being an amazing example of #GenerationG!

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  1. Erin Baker on January 17, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    Fred is the best! So glad he’s sharing his talent and being recognized for his warm and generous spirit.

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