Best of All – Nikki

Nikki loves to eat! We have to take good care of her diet at the moment, she loves all types of rice and chicken! She also enjoys green juices, blueberries, and strawberries, as they are her favorites, but she likes to eat all types of fruit. She also loves to eat pizza! Nikkie also likes fidgets! For fun, we play with the ball, paint, dance, and walk!

I needed to know my daughter more, and I needed to have more information about Down syndrome. It was a difficult process, especially when you are an immigrant. You are learning a new language and you know a few people in the city. Through GiGi’s, where they help children like Nikki, I learned a lot from them. It feels like a family of love and respect towards us and our children.

Teen Tastic, virtual literacy tutoring, Fantastic Friends, Destination Discovery, and Music Makers.

P.A.C.T.S (Parma Area Center for Transition Services). The PACTS program is a dynamic employment and life skill training program for students with multiple disabilities. The ultimate goal of the PACTS program is to promote independence in the home, community, and integrated employment setting.

The best moments were before her leukemia. She was a very independent and happy girl. In four or three words, she told me what she wanted. She loved to sing and dance, too. Now we are helping her remember and learn to socialize thanks to programs like Teen Tastic and Fantastic Friends.

My Nikki is a brave warrior like all our children.                                                    

In Nikki’s case, I will tell you that she is a cancer survivor and in remission. She began treatment in March of 2018 and for two and a half years she went through chemotherapy. We cared for Nikki with a lot of love and respect during this process, as she did not understand what was happening to her. The side effects continue to this day, and we continue her therapies in the hospital, at school, and with GiGi’s to socialize with other young people.

I hope to see Nikki smiling again. Every time I go to GiGi’s Playhouse, the participants bring joy to my soul. I learn from each individual there, which allows me to continue helping Nikki at home. Sharing these life experiences are important for our emotional, personal, and family development, especially knowing that we are not alone. Our children are living examples of what happens when we share love through a smile, a hug, or a tear.

Every morning when I go to her room to give her medicine and she smiles at me. I thank God every dawn for the gift of having a girl like her.

To be brave, to lose fear, to fight for her, to be patient, not to depend on time, to learn to be happy, to laugh, to be free, to be simple, not to compete but to share.

How to take much better care of her, and how to seek updated information according to her needs, while also knowing organizations to help us and laws to protect her.                                   

Nikki gives reason and meaning to my life. Nikki is my sweet dawn.

May the family always be united. May the cancer never return. May Nikki smile again and experience no more pain. Nay Nikki always be happy.

With Nikki’s experience of leukemia, we had to have faith and hope. We were not alone and to overcome the fear, we had to rely on the help of each other.

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