Step into Harmony: Introducing Our Latest Music and Movement Program

From the moment the music started playing, it was clear that something magical was happening in the Playhouse. Each session was a symphony of movement and melody, as babies and caregivers explored foundational movements for pre-walkers. From gentle stretches to playful experiences, every activity was designed to engage the senses, stimulate development, and promote bonding between caregivers and babies. Yet, amidst the laughter and shared moments, the integration of music therapy and recreational therapy techniques provided a wealth of benefits for our participants.

In devising this program, Erin and Mary identified a gap in programming for this particular age bracket. Their aim was to incorporate the movements from our GiGiFIT Infant program into a musical framework. While the movements in our GiGiFIT Infant program offer numerous benefits, such as enhancing strength, promoting cross-crawl patterns, strengthening core muscles, and improving visual tracking, there was still room for enhancement. Studies have demonstrated that exposure to music in infancy can boost cognitive abilities, foster language development, aid in emotional regulation, facilitate bonding, improve gross motor coordination, and encourage social interaction. With this in mind, why not merge the purposeful movements from our physical therapy-focused program with music?

The true magic of the Music and Movement class was in the connections created between our families. Caregivers came together to share stories, support one another, and celebrate their little ones. Each week, these parents connected and grew together. Even after the program ended, families stayed to talk, eat, and play at the Playhouse.

A baby boy holding his head high at GiGi's Playhouse Cleveland.

We asked the caregivers to share what they gained from this class, and Rory’s mom, Ashley, perfectly summed up our “why” in creating this program. Ashley shares:

Through the power of music and movement, these sweet babies blossomed before our eyes, gaining confidence, coordination, and a love of music. From improving motor skills to enhancing social interaction, the benefits of our Music and Movement program have been truly remarkable. As we look forward to the next session, we are filled with gratitude for the progress made, the memories created, the friendships formed, and the incredible journey shared.

Music and Movement graduation at GiGi's Playhouse Cleveland. The parents are all holding their babies with their certificates in hand.

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