Volunteer Spotlight – Claire!

We are so thankful for the time and energy that Claire has given to GiGi’s Playhouse as a math tutor. She joined us in January of this year and has done an incredible job of working with one of our participants throughout the spring and quickly became his favorite sitter at home as well. In addition, Claire took on tutoring two students this summer and her energy and passion for our mission has shown through in her work.

Rossalyn, our wonderful Math Coordinator, nominated Claire for July: “I nominate Claire as the volunteer of the month because her enthusiasm for our mission and flexibility with her schedule has saved my sanity! On the first week of tutoring, Claire was scheduled to tutor Clementine and I wanted to be there to meet Clementine and make sure that everything started smoothly as Clementine is so new to our program. Claire was absolutely great and spent the session getting to know Clementine and her mom and building that rapport! Even though the summer session had already started, a few kinks in the schedule needed to be ironed out and we had a student who still needed a tutor. Claire was so willing to jump in take on an extra student despite already having two. Claire has such an enthusiasm for our kids and a good sense of professionalism when interacting with the parents and I am very pleased to have her on our tutoring team!”

Bonnie, the mother of her math student, had this to say about Claire: It is easy to write great things about Claire. Claire is a person of wonderful talents and creative energies and she wholeheartedly invested herself in tutoring my son Brennan. She brought not only her expertise to this endeavor but also a heart of compassion and friendship.”


Thank you, Claire, for being an incredible example of what it means to be Generation G – giving of your time and energy for our mission!


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  1. Annette Manco Brady on August 15, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    Claire is one of those rare individuals that you meet and immediately just KNOW you are going to enjoy watching interact with our amazing kiddos. Claire has a presence that lights up a room and smiles can be seen ricocheting all around her! Her students absolutely adore her and the effortless, learning styles she utilizes for each student yields wonderful results. We struck gold when she signed up to become a Volunteer Tutor for GiGi’s Playhouse and it has indeed been a joy to watch her bloom into such an amazingly gifted role model for our kiddo’s as well as other volunteers.

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