Volunteer Spotlight – Anna and Darren!

Volunteer Appreciation Month kicks off with this dynamic duo – Anna and Darren! This couple has been volunteering at the Playhouse since the start of Project Pulse Adult in the summer of 2021. Anna and Darren jumped into the group not knowing what to expect, but both have blossomed to become such an integral part of the program. They enter each session with HUGE smiles on their faces eager to greet the adults and their families. They are always asking, “How can I help?” As each session of Project Pulse ends, they don’t hesitate to ask, “When does the next session start?” Every single Project Pulse participant cherishes their time with Anna and Darren, which is evident in the love and joy they share each week.

Thank you Anna and Darren for ALL you do! Your time and energy is invaluable!

Anna and Darren share, “Our time at GiGi’s has been amazing. We volunteered because we wanted to help our community and serve other people. We thought we would be doing good for them, but the good is far exceeded by the joy the GiGi’s community brings to us. The hugs are our favorite part! They provide an unmeasurable benefit, better than anything else to brighten your day. We look forward to going to GiGi’s each week, and hope to continue growing existing friendships and building new ones in the GiGi’s family.”

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