Volunteer of the Month – Cameron!

I like to watch sports! My favorite teams are the Cavs, Browns, Guardians, and Blue Jackets. I play basketball with Empower Sports and hockey with Cleveland Rockin’ Wildcats. My favorite TV show is The Weather Channel. I also like playing games like hockey on my iPad and other video games like NBA2K24. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and I also like playing catch with my brother. My favorite foods are pizza, chicken, pasta, and popcorn!

It’s a nice and walkable place. You can ride your bike everywhere, too. We have a lot of great restaurants. My favorites are Cozumel, Merry Arts, and Mars Bar!

I want to work for the Guardians either as a ticket taker, an usher, or in the team shop. I recently had an internship with the Cleveland Clinic where I learned many job skills to get me ready for my future career!

Since February 2022. Two years!

I help with cleaning the Playhouse by swiffering the floors and getting the games ready for the program each week. I attend Games with Friends Adult and volunteer with Games with Friends Teen! I hope to one day attend Fantastic Friends when I don’t have a hockey game.

Volunteering helps me get involved in the community, and everyone at GiGi’s is nice and friendly.

My friends like David, Tasia, Mary, Lizz, and Phil. I also like to play games at Games with Friends and hangout with everyone.

I enjoy cleaning and helping other people!

Try your best and give your best effort!

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