We are absolutely blown away by the amazing results from our first session of GiGiFIT Adult! Here is the report from our amazing GiGiFIT Adult Lead, Erin Alexeff!


TOGETHER, these 8 participants have worked over the last 12 weeks to collectively:

lose 15 pounds

increase grip strength (measured by the dynamometer) by 21.25lbs

increase number of chest passes thrown in 1 minute by 41 throws

increase number of standing marches in 1 minute by 68 reps

improve number of push-ups (using correct form) in 1 minute from 77 total to 142 total (THAT IS A DIFFERENCE OF 65 COMBINED PUSH-UPS PEOPLE!)


Here are some individual personal accomplishments that CANNOT go without mention.

Seconds holding a plank position with proper form: 

Annie improved from 42 seconds to 73 seconds

Jennie improved from 21 seconds to 29 seconds

(the reason we focus on this exercise is to increase trunk control, core stability, balance and upper body strength) 

Number of push-ups completed in 1 minute with proper form: 

Tony improved from 5 to 15 push-ups

Phil improved from 2 to 21 push-ups

(this exercise is to increase upper body strength, core stability and trunk control) 


Number of standing marches completed in 1 minute: 

Greg improved from 10 reps to 28 reps

Lee improved from 18 reps to 33 reps

(this exercise is measured to keep track of improvement in balance, core strength and lower body strength) 


Hand grip measured by the dynamometer:

Michelle improved from 27.9lbs to 37.2 lbs

Amy improved from 37.48lbs to 40.1lbs

(this is an important measurement to track overall strength, as well as a little bit of self-confidence in exercise)


As well as all these measurable improvements, this group of amazing individuals have worked very hard to establish a routine of working out, they have practiced teamwork through cheering on fellow participants, learned how to spot and support each other (i.e. holding hands/exercise balls during squats) and established a culture of healthy eating at home, including drinking more water and incorporating more vegetables in every meal.

I am so proud of each and every participant and how much they have grown!  Some of my favorite ‘Best of All Moments’ from this session:

  • Phil leading the ‘step-claps’ during warm ups with great enthusiasm
  • Annie holding a 73 second plank with excellent form during a plank competition
  • Tony perfecting his plank form and being able to hold a 17 second plank with a flat back
  • Michelle transitioning from 15 squats with an exercise ball for assistance to 15 air squats to 15 squats holding a 6lb medicine ball at her chest!

I am excited for the life-changing experiences that will come with our next session of GiGiFIT! Do you have any questions? Please email me at ealexeff@gigisplayhouse.org!




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