Generation G School of the Year goes to…



We are proud to present Granger Elementary School of Highland Schools in Medina, Ohio with our First Annual Generation G School Award! The GiGi’s Playhouse Generation G award is given to a school at the end of each school year that exceptionally exhibits our core Generation G values of kindness, acceptance, and generosity. The entire school went above and beyond by creating and implementing a two week Generation G curriculum across all grades and subjects, which included an assembly with Ms. Lizz from GiGi’s Playhouse, culminating in over 495 students taking the Generation G pledge and completing essays and art projects. This curriculum, put together for GiGi’s Playhouse by the staff at Granger, will now be shared and implemented across all 45+ Playhouses across the US and Mexico. Amazing! Granger Elementary is a remarkable example of what it means to be a Generation G school and joining our mission of breaking down barriers and changing the way the world sees individuals with Down syndrome and their friends! Congratulations, Granger!

Each school year we will be accepting nominations in the spring for the Generation G School of the Year! Will your school be next?



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