Bringing GiGi’s Playhouse into Your Home!

When the new coronavirus pandemic forced many states to enact stay-at-home measures, closing schools, therapy and recreation centers, and Playhouses across the country, our GiGi’s Playhouse network jumped into action to move regular programming to a virtual format. Families and individuals with Down syndrome rely on schools and services for both their educational and social development and GiGi’s Playhouse will not let its families slip through the cracks.

During the past month after GiGi’s Playhouse suspended all programming and in-person events at all Playhouses on March 13, this network has created and launched a comprehensive calendar of virtual programming for all ages. There are now more than 17 live programs offered weekly, including several LMNOP classes, music classes (one led by our amazing Cleveland music therapist, Mary), and the GiGiFIT and family yoga classes (led by Cleveland’s fabulous Erin!), as well as Ask-the-Expert offerings with certified therapists.

Additionally, most virtual programs are recorded and saved so families can watch them on demand at a time that is convenient for them. There are now more than 90 programs available for all ages in our On Demand feature!

The new virtual and on-demand programming allowed GiGi’s Playhouse to reach more than 300 new families in just the first week alone – families who do not have a physical Playhouse near their homes. Amazing!

We didn’t hit pause – WE HIT PLAY!

Visit to view all the offerings! Please note: advance sign-up is required.


Below are just some of our amazing participants staying active, working out with our GiGiFIT program, and cooking up their own meals with our GiGi’s Kitchen.




  1. Annette on April 18, 2020 at 11:07 am

    As always, Cleveland ROCKS! Having our Programs available in this virtual format allows ALL our friends the opportunity to STILL PARTICIPATE with their favorite Programs! AND we all get the chance to “share and see” one ANOTHER!😃

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