Best of All Spotlight – Jennie!

Jennie has been coming to Fantastic Friends since we opened in 2016. You can often find her on the dance floor or behind the mic on karaoke night! Her dance moves and friendly spirit are both contagious! It has been awhile since Jennie has had a chance to come to Fantastic Friends since March 2020.

Molly, our Fantastic Friends Lead, shares, “We had so much fun at Fantastic Friends in March! Jennie introduced herself and advocated by saying, “I may have a hard time, but I’m very happy to meet everyone.” She spoke to all of the volunteers quite a bit and had a long conversation with Gabrielle. Her father was there for her introduction and when she was talking with Gabrielle. He told me that getting to see and hear Jennie talking so much made it the best night he had had in a long time. We loved seeing Jennie give her Best of All and show off that sweet personality of hers!”








We asked Jennie a couple questions. Here’s what she said!

1. Why do you like coming to GiGi’s Playhouse?
“I have friends there and we have fun things to do at GiGi’s!”


2. What is your favorite thing to do at GiGi’s?

“Doing crafts and making some new friends!”


Thank you, Jennie, for being a good friend to everyone!

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