Best of All – Kash

Libby Farrell, our incredible Speech Language Pathologist, has been working with Kash during our current session of the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program. Libby and Kash instantly cultivated a powerful rapport, which provides a secure foundation for Kash’s continued growth, communication, and achievement.

Below, Libby provides a beautiful look into the advancements Kash has already made. We can’t wait to witness the new growth Kash conquers, as he and Libby continue to walk alongside each other and explore new avenues of communication!

Kash shows up for his Amina Grace Speech and Language session each week with the perfect combination of enthusiasm and curiosity. These characteristics are absolutely critical to his communication success. Kash is a multi-modal communicator; this means that he uses various modes to communicate including sounds, words, ASL signs, facial expressions, and pictures to name a few. Kash is engaged during our sessions as we move through various activities that he chooses, each of which are embedded with communication opportunities. He is curious and willing to explore new tools such as picture communication boards and speech-generating devices that allow him to better express himself.  But most of all, Kash does ordinary things in the most extraordinary ways: Just like the rest of us, sometimes Kash needs a little bit of “help”. He lets you know through an approximation of the ASL sign, which requires an upward lift of your hand. In Kash’s own special way though, his hand shoots up as high as he can reach and his request for “help” does not go unnoticed.

Keep reaching for the sky, Kash. We can’t wait to see how much you will grow!

Kash’s mom, Julie, shares more about him and what GiGi’s Playhouse means to their family!

What are some of Kash’s favorite things?

Kash loves eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. His favorite activities are swimming, music, dancing and playing his electric piano. He enjoys being outside, playing on the swings, and going on nature hikes!

How did you hear about GiGi’s Playhouse?

We learned about GiGi’s shortly after he was born in 2016 and we have been coming to different programs ever since!

What programs does Kash participate in?

Kash has been involved in quite a few different classes and all have been so wonderful. He’s attended Music Makers, LMNOP, literacy tutoring, and speech therapy. I know he can’t wait until he’s a teenager so he can join Project Pulse and Teen Tastic. 

What growth have you witnessed in Kash because of GiGi’s and Speech Therapy?

Since being a part of the speech therapy program at GiGi’s, Kash has shown more willingness to produce sounds or words, while also signing the word at the same time.  

What is your favorite part of the 1:1 Speech Program here at GiGi’s?

Libby is really great and Kash loves seeing her each week!  She has provided us with so many ideas and suggestions on how to help Kash communicate.  Having weekly sessions with such a wonderful speech therapist is truly a blessing.  

How has GiGi’s Playhouse impacted you and your family’s life?

We love coming to GiGi’s.  Everyone is so friendly. We love seeing everyone with Down syndrome and their families.  It’s great to see the babies and remember how Kash was at that age, and then to see the teens and adults and imagine what Kash will be like when he is older. 

Julie and Dan, thank you for sharing your marvelous son with us. We cherish every opportunity we have to celebrate Kash and watch him excel!

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