Best of All – GiGiFIT Summer Participants

As we step into August, we are beginning to wind down the Summer sessions of GiGiFIT Toddler, Kids, Teen, and Adult.  Anyone who knows Erin, our GiGiFIT Coordinator, knows she is always beaming with pride when she talks about the progress of our GiGiFIT participants throughout the session. However, this session more than ever, she shares, “I am extremely proud of every single individual who walked through the Playhouse doors during this summer session and came ready to work.” We invited Erin to share highlights as each group and each individual achieved their Best of All.

GiGiFIT Toddler

Our GiGiFIT littles had an amazing session, it has been so fun to see their physical growth, strength, and skills building!  One activity that our toddlers have been working on that we were very proud of is passing the ball to each other while in a circle back-to-back.  This activity focuses on coordinating the hand-off and rotating the hips and core to build strength and endurance!  

I am extremely proud of the amazing team of volunteers we have built- they are always empathetic, compassionate, patient, and motivating in a way that keeps our littles invested, happy, and most importantly- working hard!  

GiGiFIT Kids

To highlight all of the wonderful things that happened during GiGiFIT Kids this summer would take you all day to read, I could talk for hours.  From our new participants, Lael and Kash, jumping right in and impressing us with how focused, hardworking, and determined they are, to James stepping into the role of a leader and helping others whenever he is asked- or even before he is asked, to Nolan, transitioning from sitting back and watching the group play to joining the game and connecting with his peers- everyone has been more than impressive.  After each class I find myself saying “There’s no way it gets better than that” and then each week- it does.  

GiGiFIT Teens

When I think about the participants in the GiGiFIT Teen session this summer, big juicy tears well up in my eyes (which I am sure is not shocking to anyone).  I am proud of everyone as an induvial for their growth, but what is really moving is how this group of teens has grown to be the biggest cheerleaders- for our warm-up song, for planks, for each other’s accomplishments, for the wonderful volunteers Ms. Sierra and Mr. Jake (Jack Frost)… this has been the session of enthusiasm!  

GiGiFIT Adult

For the first time ever, we had so many participants signed up for GiGiFIT Adult that we had to offer TWO class times.  In both classes our participants are hardworking, but that is nothing new.  In this session, these amazing individuals created the most welcoming and supportive group dynamic.  Because we have created such a fun, funny and supportive space where everyone feels included and accepted, our participants have been able to conquer some pretty big fears (box jumps, holding planks, and mountain climbers) and push themselves to work a little bit harder each week, truly giving their Best of All.  

Each GiGiFIT session had a very strong summer.  We witnessed physical growth, friendships flourish, communication skills improve, and personalities shine. We could not be prouder. Thank you – participants, volunteers and parents for making this a summer to remember! 

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