Best of All – Andrew

This month we are highlighting an individual who shines a bright light of joy wherever he goes. You can often hear his laughter echoing throughout the Playhouse, while also finding him helping and participating in GiGiFIT Kids, Destination Discovery, Drama Troupe, and Music Makers. He has grown up at our Cleveland Playhouse alongside his brother James, and we have witnessed this kiddo form genuine connections with his peers. He dives right into each program ready to learn, grow, and build bridges. At the young age of five, he builds bridges without thinking twice about it because he sees and accepts each individual exactly as they are. The bridges he builds are more than a means of getting him from one place to another, as he simply builds them to make friends. For those reasons and his genuine way of seeing the good in everyone, we are highlighting Andrew for this month’s Best of All.

We invited Amanda, Andrew and James’ mom, to share how GiGi’s has played a part in Andrew’s development! She shares, “Andrew absolutely loves coming to GiGi’s Playhouse to play, see friends, and participate in programs! Whether it’s exploring at Destination Discovery, exercising at GiGiFIT, or making music at Music Makers, Andrew likes to get involved. As much as I love that he supports and motivates James, it means so much to me that he is developing his own relationships with his peers at GiG’s! Andrew is a natural helper, he is patient, and he is a great peer model. Sometimes it can be very hard when a sibling gets a lot of the spotlight, but with Andrew’s involvement at GiGi’s, every step of the way he is made to feel completely welcome, important, and special. He STILL has his GiGiFIT Certificate of Achievement hanging in his room from last year! He is very proud of being a helper and accomplishing new challenges alongside his friends. I’m excited to see him grow at GiGi’s alongside James and his friends!”

Erin, our GiGiFIT Coordinator, shares, “To watch Andrew grow up inside the Playhouse walls has been a true joy.  Andrew is an amazing sibling and friend to everyone he meets, and it is something that is just so effortless for him.  What I enjoy most about watching Andrew is when he joins a program and is all in – he is ALL IN!  He is helpful and patient, but he will absolutely take his turn, play his heart out, and soak up his moment in the spotlight!  From my perspective, I don’t think Andrew even sees differences in his friends at GiGi’s Playhouse – I think Andrew has grown up accepting everyone as they are and that is something to be admired.”

Andrew, we are in awe of your kind soul. The way you make friends is a model for all those who witness your connections. You are generous. You are accepting. You are kind. Thank you for being a friend to everyone you meet!

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