Best of All – Ana!

Ana’s dad, Stefan, never hesitates to share the impact GiGi’s Playhouse has on Ana’s life. Whether it’s a new parent, a volunteer, or a staff member – he shares heartfelt gratitude for the programs Ana participates in each time they are at the Playhouse. Below, Stefan shares his sentiments towards the purposeful programming his daughter receives every week.

We invited our Math Coordinator and previous tutor for Ana, Rossalyn, to sing the praises of the Amazing Ana! Rossalyn shares: “Ana has always been a joy to work with! She works hard during each session with great concentration, while also including a little playfulness! I enjoyed seeing Ana bloom with her confidence in math! After each math lesson, we would have a dance party with a Taylor Swift song and she would put just as much effort into singing along as she would with her math! A great example of “work hard, play hard!” Keep up the great work Ana!”

When looking for the next math tutor for Ana, we knew she would flourish with someone her age. Someone she could connect with and become friends with. That person became Flannery, a high school student who has volunteered at the Playhouse for several years. Flannery is an individual who jumps right in to help others and creates opportunities for our participants to achieve their Best of All. Which is exactly what she is doing with Ana. Since Flannery has been working with Ana for two tutoring sessions, we invited her to share about Ana’s growth. Flannery shares: “Ana has worked so hard on adding and subtracting over the past few months that I have been working with her in math!  The development of her confidence in these skills has been an amazing process to experience.  She has the greatest smile that brightens my day every Wednesday afternoon when we meet.  Keep up the great work Ana!”

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