Best of All inspiration – Elijah!

Our latest Playhouse inspiration comes courtesy of an incredible five year old, Elijah. After just turning five years old, he became our first participant here at GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland to transition up from one therapeutic program to another. He had been attending Leaps & Bounds with his younger brother, Spencer, but came to his first Playhouse Pals a few weeks ago. After discussing the transition with his mom, we saw such amazing effort in Elijah. Oh how he gave his Best of All! We noticed he stayed focused longer and felt cool being around the big kids, leading to greater participation and achievement. He participated and did his best in every activity, which just so happened to be Playhouse Olympics that day! Elijah is a great example of the purposeful progression we focus on here at GiGi’s Playhouse, in addition to giving your Best of All.


Check out Elijah grabbing some serious air with his incredible jumps! We are so proud of him!



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