Meet Anna!

I’m Anna West! I’m From Greensburg, IN. Currently, I’m in my third and final year of undergrad at Walsh University, majoring in Exercise Science Pre-OT with a minor in Psychology. Next year, I will be pursuing my Master of Occupational Therapy at Walsh. I am also involved with many extracurricular at Walsh including being a part of the volleyball team, Pre-OT club, the student athlete advisory committee, and hold an executive board position in Cavathon. I have always had a great love for helping people and take every opportunity I can do that!

Outside of school, I enjoy playing volleyball, weightlifting, spending time with my family, and watching my younger siblings excel in their respective sports. 

Anna is doing her spring internship with GiGi’s Playhouse because she believes in our mission of acceptance for all. Be sure to give Anna a warm welcome when you see her at the Playhouse helping with programs or lesson plans!

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