Best of All: Tanya

Tanya’s best of all moments are the dance parties after kitchen, she’s a pro dancer and will jam out to any song she hears.  Tanya has made many new friends in the kitchen while learning how to cooking, read recipes, and be safe in the kitchen! 

She has made many friends in GiGi’s Kitchen and has made amazing accomplishments with cooking, recipes, and kitchen safety. Through education about knife safety, Tanya has overcome her fear of knives and now participates cutting produce. Tanya has also improved on using her inside voice and being mindful of her friends in the kitchen. Tanya has great listening skills and often responds to our volunteer leaders saying, “Yes, Chef!” when following instructions.

Our GiGi’s Kitchen programs are designed to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early exposure to practical cooking skills. Under the guidance of program leaders, participants will engage in activities designed to promote healthy eating habits, kitchen safety awareness, food preparation skills, self-confidence, and social skills by applying learned skills as they prepare and enjoy a shared meal/snack!

The GiGi’s Kitchen programs are truly life changing!! Participants in the GiGi’s Kitchen programs are motivated by their peers as they strive for their personal Best of All in health and wellness! Learn more HERE!

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