Volunteer Spotlight: Dana Brown

Unlocking Worlds Through Words: Dana Brown’s Journey at GiGi’s Playhouse Canton

Greetings, GiGi’s Playhouse Canton enthusiasts! Today, we’re thrilled to turn the spotlight onto someone whose passion for literacy is not just about reading words but about opening up new worlds. Meet Dana Brown, our exceptional literacy tutor at GiGi’s Playhouse, as we dive into her story, her favorites, and the transformative power of GiGi’s One-on-One Literacy Tutoring program. 

Discovering GiGi’s Playhouse: 

Dana’s GiGi’s Playhouse journey began with family support during the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge. When Dana’s cousin, Steven, and his family returned to Ohio, Dana was brought closer to the Playhouse, sparking an eagerness to contribute. With a tutoring background and a heart full of enthusiasm, Dana found her perfect fit in our One-on-One Literacy Tutoring program. 

Getting to Know Dana: 

Living in Akron with her husband Adam, kids Cerys and Miles, and their adorable dog Dozer, Dana is a lover of all things that bring joy. From family time and outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, and kayaking to the joy of cooking, Dana embodies the spirit of embracing life’s pleasures. 

“I’m terrible at picking favorites; I find something I like in all seasons and colors. But one thing I can commit to is my love for Northeast Ohio—it’s truly the best place to live!” Dana shares. 

Dana’s Role as a Literacy Tutor: 

As a Literacy Tutor, Dana plays a pivotal role in shaping the reading journeys of her students. From shared reading sessions and mastering phonics and sight words to delving into the depths of reading comprehension, Dana’s approach is as diverse as the learners she guides. 

“I absolutely love getting to know my students on an individual level, understanding what will make them happy and engaged. And, of course, I always try to put the fun in fundamentals!” Dana exclaims. 

The One-on-One Literacy Tutoring Program: 

At GiGi’s Playhouse, the One-on-One Literacy Tutoring program is more than just reading—it’s about fostering a lifelong love for words. Tailored to the unique learning styles of individuals with Down syndrome, this program provides personalized sessions, incorporating a multisensory teaching approach. Dana, along with our dedicated team, creates an inclusive space where learners not only develop essential literacy skills but also build confidence at their own pace. Learn more about the One-on-One Literacy Tutoring program HERE! 

Celebrating Dana’s Favorite Moments: 

Dana’s favorite moments at GiGi’s Playhouse are the breakthroughs, those instances when the lightbulb turns on for her students. “It’s like watching them realize their own potential in real time. It brings me so much joy I could do cartwheels! If only I could still do them,” Dana laughs. 


As we celebrate Dana Brown’s commitment and the impactful One-on-One Literacy Tutoring program, let’s acknowledge the transformative influence of literacy. Join us in unlocking worlds through words at GiGi’s Playhouse Canton, where every page turned is a step towards a brighter future! 

Learn more about volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse HERE! 

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