Best of All: LMNOP Families

Who is the participant that we are celebrating and which program are they in? 

We are celebrating all of our families that attend LMNOP. Each new family joining us is coming in as a new parent to a baby with Down syndrome and not really knowing what to expect, but once they join us in LMNOP they find a community and they may not feel so alone.

In what ways has GiGi’s Playhouse Canton helped the participant grow in their development, improve their physical or mental health, increase their self-confidence, or improve their quality of life?

GiGi’s Playhouse LMNOP program helps to promote development using both music and movement. Music plays a significant role in promoting, social-emotional, communication and sensory experiences. We use those experiences to create a social, playful mood and use motor, communication, and play skills to contribute to the overall development of our friends. Moreover, families get the opportunity to connect, form friendships, and build a sense of community through LMNOP.

What would they say to get others to come to the Playhouse – what is their ‘why’?

Come and see how much fun we have and the community we are building.

Join us for LMNOP every fourth Saturday of the month at 10AM!

Language Music N’ Our Peeps (LMNOP) is an interactive and engaging program designed to guide parents and young children through learning basic sign language and other forms of communication while using music and language-based activities. Recommended for ages pre-natal to 36 months.

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