GiGi’s Love Beyond State Lines

On a recent family vacation, the Woodard family shared a pleasant surprise when they met a volunteer from GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh!

Yesterday we took the ferry from Fort Fisher to Southport, NC. There is very little in this town but one of the locals suggested “Provision Company.” It is a cute little restaurant with great food. As we are sitting there waiting for them to bring our food out, one of the waitresses stops by our table and asked if we had ever heard of GiGi’s Playhouse! Justin started checking out our shirts to see if we had anything GiGi’s on, it was the first time I think we have been approached about GiGi’s…We usually do that! 🤣

Come to find out Gretchen has volunteered at GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh in several different areas and even lead their “21 Stars” program. 

It was just meant to be that we were all there and got to meet each other. I explained to Kasen that she volunteers at GiGi’s so when we were leaving we got a group picture together and Kasen kept giving her hugs saying “I’ll see you at GiGi’s Playhouse!” 🥰

-Jade Woodard, GiGi’s Playhouse Canton parent

Thank you, Gretchen C. from GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh for making this such a memorable experience for one of our Canton families and for making them feel at home!

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