Best of All: Joe and his tutor Theresa

Joe is one of our adult literacy participants. Despite living in the Northeastern part of the state, Joe benefits from virtual literacy tutoring at GiGi’s Playhouse Canton and has been participating in our virtual programming for the past year. Joe’s mom shares:

“So far Joe and his tutor, Theresa, have bonded. He loves the attention and patience. I can tell his self-esteem is on the rise! He acts more mature and more serious/intentional about listening and following directions given. (More than usual with us, Fam’)

I’m excited for our son, Joe! His tutor, Theresa, and Joe will be reading a Rice Krispies recipe and making it online next week! This helps his brother and sister to practice guiding Joe, and to have another opportunity to make fun memories independent of parents!!! This makes reading practical, fun and just plain delicious! Joe and his tutor have plans to write a book together possibly on dolphins! Joe is still brainstorming!!! We are so grateful that GiGi’s enriches Joe’s summertime with fun and learning!

I want to assure you Theresa is not just good, not just nice, she is of high caliber; she actually listens to Joe and then bases her conversation off of what he says. The respect she gives Joe we don’t often see even in our own immediate and extended family. That’s why he loves her so much because he actually feels valued and important. She is very insightful and figures out what Joe doesn’t know or understand and then she works to remedy that instead of just ignore it and keep moving on. I can’t believe she is not an actual teacher but she has the natural gifts I wish more teachers had!

Because you help make this tutoring possible, you are making an impact on Joe’s summer in a very positive way. Thank you for being a part of a team that puts love into words and actions. In this house you and Theresa are kind of a big deal!!!! Thank you GiGi’s Team!!!”

We are so proud of Joe and all his accolades. Keep up the great work!

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  1. Theresa on July 4, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    Catherine and Joe are nothing short of amazing as well! Catherine talks through ideas with me and gives me a heads up on what Joe is doing so our time together is relevant and meaningful to him. Together we share an innovative mindset so that Joe has the best time in a learning environment. This family is a tutor’s dream and Joe is a rock star. Love you guys!

    • mvance on July 5, 2022 at 9:50 am

      We love that you have been able to form these meaningful relationships, near or far! You all work so well together, we couldn’t be more grateful to have a pair like you!

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