Leadership, Learning, and “The Lucky Few”

A group of GiGi's Playhouse volunteers wearing similar shirts in front of a green leafy background A picture of an award plaque

Earlier this month we closed the Playhouse doors to the public for one week, and one week only in order to learn new and innovative ways to best support our community. The 2021 GiGi’s National Leadership Conference was a tremendous success! We cannot wait to implement all we learned to make our local Playhouse even stronger as we continue to provide free, purposeful programming.

Some of the many highlights:

  • GiGi’s Playhouse Canton showed up with 11 attendees (wow!) and walked away with award and recognition in 5 major areas! We are continuing to think of ways to improve and are ready to keep enhancing the Playhouse experience for our friends, families, volunteers, and supporters. 
  • Ohio had a strong team representing our communities, between Canton, Cleveland, and the soon-t0-be Cincinnati location. We are proud to look up to Cleveland and all they have taught us and can’t wait to support our friends in Cincinnati as they work to open their doors.
  • GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland and Annapolis locations had representatives talk about the GiGi’s Youth Boards they created at their schools, showing other locations how they can do it too! We are so excited to bring this opportunity to Canton! Email Board Member Sierra Coon to get involved in our Canton Youth Board at scoon@gigisplayhouse.org

The National Leadership Conference was a success in so many ways, but our mission goes beyond receiving awards and recognition. During the Conference, we were reminded of our “why.” Everyone involved with GiGi’s Playhouse is in this for a different personal reason; because of a loved one, a friend, the learning experience, but what we have in common is we are all in this to change the way the world views Down syndrome. We are all in this to make the world a more accepting place for all. To be generous. To be kind. Every day we are reminded of our why, and every day we make a commitment to our families, today and forever. Take the pledge and join us at iacceptyou.org.

See more pictures and highlights on the Conference Website! 

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