Best of All

best of all (noun) \best of all\

is continual, measurable, celebrated and it never ends. It is a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before and it’s always celebrated. Possible manifestations: standing just one second longer, reading just one more word, learning just one new number, taking just one more step, never a competition, never completed.


Our goal at GiGi’s Playhouse is to celebrate every display of a learner’s best of all! We do this through purposeful programs at our Playhouses that start at the prenatal stage and develop into adulthood. We build specific skills & focus on areas of development.

GiGi’s Playhouse is a place to develop independence and push boundaries. We understand that it may be challenging to keep your child active and engaged – but it is so important to keep him or her happy, healthy and confident! Many of the items prepared in these books will set a foundation for a successful future for your child – educationally, socially and even for a future career experience! This book is a tool for you!