New Year, New Playhouse, New Programs!

With 2023 quickly coming to a close, we at GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta have a lot to be grateful for.

We are grateful to our families for trusting us to provide meaningful programs and a community.

We are grateful to our volunteers for being our boots on the ground to make it happen and give their time and hearts to GiGi’s.

We are grateful to our donors who believe in our mission of acceptance for all and help us continue in the pursuit.

We are grateful to our Board who constantly give their “Best of All” to guide us and support us without expectations of recognition.

2023 has been a wonderful year at GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta, but I know 2024 is going to be the best one yet!


GiGiFIT: We are proud to announce the launch of GiGiFIT a results-driven program focused on combining physical therapy with a strong fitness focus. This is the only research-based fitness program designed for people with Down syndrome in the United States. Specifically addressing hypotonia and excessive joint laxity, this program is safe, effective and progressive. Like many GiGi’s programs, GiGiFIT is designed to motivate and teach individuals of all ages with Down syndrome to achieve their highest potential in a goal-oriented environment.

Therapeutic goals for GiGiFIT include:

1. Strengthening and toning muscles to master everyday tasks and promote independence.
2. Improving balance and coordination to increase body position and awareness and help prevent injury and minimize sub-optimal movement patterns that can lead to chronic issues down the road. 
3. A multifaceted approach to increase sensory, perception, decision making and response times to maximize motor control 
4. Nutritional awareness through healthy meal planning, meal choices and food science helping individuals create their own path to personal wellness. 

We will be launching GiGiFIT Adult, Teen, Kids, GiGiFIT Zumba, and rebranding our Crawlers and Walkers (Roswell and Midtown) as GiGiFIT You & I, GiGiFIT Infant, and GiGiFIT Toddler.

Playhouse Pals: Support the development of social skills and language through peer to peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. This program also supports gross motor skills through active games, as well as fine motor skills & self-help skills. For ages 5-8.

Therapeutic Goals for Playhouse Pals include:
1. Increase social skills, with a focus on group participation and increasing leisure activity options
2. Increase language development, with a focus on vocabulary development and receptive language skills such as following directions and answering basic questions
3. Promote successful interactions with peers
4. Increase gross motor skills, with a focus o general health, strength, balance, and utilizing motor skills to participation in educational, social, and leisure activities
5. Increase fine motor skills with a focus on self-help skills and independent work

This program will occur every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 PM at the Playhouse.

Here are some programs that are not new to GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta, but are GROWING in the new year!

Teen Tastic: To expand on our Teen Tastic program, beginning in January there will be Teen Tastic: Teen Hangout on most Saturdays. The purpose of this program is simple: allow teens to spend time together doing activities that all teens love (video games, chatting, watching movies, and more).

Fantastic Friends- Supper Club: This is not a completely new program, but we would love for it to grow! Once per month, our adults (ages 18+) gather at different restaurants around the Metro Atlanta area for fun, fellowship, and food!

Art Explosion: Provide hands on experience with multiple art media and provide an outlet for
individuals with Down syndrome to express themselves, build confidence and socialize with peers.

This program will occur one Saturday per month with Art Explosion Kids (Ages 5-12) and Art Explosion Teens (Ages 13-22).

Best Buddies Georgia Tech: This organization aims to foster one-on-one friendships and creative environments for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our mission is to empower​ people with IDD by being friends and mentors, support​ the special needs community at Georgia Tech and Atlanta through community service and educated interactions, and promote​ integrated communities with leadership and inclusive actions. For ages 18-25

Best Buddies will meet on the Georgia Tech campus twice per month on Saturdays from 1:00-3:00 PM. Participants must register through Best Buddies here

Get Fit & Be Healthy: In conjunction with Adult Disability Medical Healthcare, Get Fit & Be Healthy is for adults with disabilities ages 18+.

Goals for Get Fit & Be Healthy include:

  1. Increase your exercise level
  2. Prepare your own healthy meals
  3. Learn important skills to help you eat and drink healthy
  4. Work towards your healthy weight
  5. Be with great friends and make new friends
  6. Participate in community activities
  7. Receive items to help you achieve your goals
  8. Attend the 4 to 5 weekend workshop sessions

    Learn more about GFBH and register HERE

Check out our calendar here

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