Jenna Quigley – Staying Connected through a Pandemic

Jenna Quigley, a woman with Down syndrome, is doing an incredible job staying connected to her friends and working towards her goals while safe at home during this pandemic! Jenna has had a computer for over 10 years, but wasn’t interested in it until the pandemic started. Now, Jenna independently uses her computer to attend all of her GoToMeetings and Zoom meetings. She logs onto meetings, actively participates in meetings, and logs off without any assistance or reminders.


She stays connected to her friends and develops skills through virtual meetings for GiGi Prep, DSAA Advocacy Group, Book Club, Monthly Skills Program, and her Peer Group.


She continues to work toward her health goals through virtual yoga, 5 dance classes, workout with Coach CJ, and a weekly music class.




Jenna’s parents, Richard and Denise, told GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta:

“Although Jenna misses working and getting together with her friends and leaders in person, the work you have done with Jenna prior to and during the pandemic has kept her both connected and thriving as she develops more skills and independence. It is one thing to hear things from your parents – it is quite another to hear new ideas and reinforce parental ideas with other adults who she not only looks up to but truly loves. It is a pleasure to support Gigi’s Playhouse – wish we could do more!”
We are so proud of Jenna’s progress during this trying time. Keep up the awesome work!!
GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta is here to keep individuals with Down syndrome and their families connected and supported, both in-person and virtually!

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