Feel Good Friday!

It’s Friday before a long, holiday weekend that kicks off summer vacation and we are in the mood to spread some love!

This is Elise.  She has been a volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta since 2020! Recently, Elise has had to leave her wonderful GiGi’s Family, relocating to Pennsylvania to pursue furthering her education at Bryn Mawr College. While we wish her all the luck in the world, she will definitely be missed.  Before leaving, Elise sent the staff a Thank You note and it got us feeling ALL the feels.  With her permission, I share it here. It truly encapsulates the beauty of the partnership we at GiGi’s Playhouse strive to create with all our volunteers. We love you, Elise!

“Dear Howie, Jennifer, and Kim,

Oof, this note is already making me feel a little emotional! When I moved to Atlanta, I did not know a single soul. To make matters harder, I worked from home! Very quickly, I came to understand that I needed to find a community of kind, upbeat people to counteract my isolation and homesickness.

When I told my parents I was going to reach out to my local GiGi’s, they were a bit dubious. While they thought volunteering was a great idea, they encouraged me to find an option with more of my peers. They asked if I thought GiGi’s could truly offer new opportunities for friendship and the meaningful connection I deeply lacked.

Needless to say, GiGi’s has offered me that and so much more. Being a part of the GiGi’s family has provided me with endless laughs, meaningful friendships, and a true sense of purpose and belonging. It’s been a place to be my authentic self and to be fully present. GiGi’s is consistently the highlight of my week. The prospect of losing it hurts deeply.

I am so grateful to you all for welcoming me into your wonderful GiGi’s Family. It was a true highlight of this chapter in my life.

So much love,


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