Making a difference through Music

Amidst the demands of her student and part-time work life, Fabiana sought a fulfilling yet flexible volunteering opportunity. Enter GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse, a community-driven initiative dedicated to changing the way the world views Down syndrome and sending a global message of acceptance for all. Little did Fabiana know, this discovery would lead to one of the most enriching volunteering experiences yet! 

As the program leader for the Music in Motion, Fabiana witnessed the transformative power of this all-ages program, creating an inclusive and empowering space for participants to express themselves through music. Special moments, like the excitement of participants answering questions correctly during a game, highlighted the positive influence of her work. 

Fabiana’s dedication was wonderful to witness! Claire, one of our program coordinators said, “Fabiana is a wonderful volunteer. She takes time to get to know our participants, leads our Music in Motion program with enthusiasm, and encourages participants to always do their best. We are excited to have her helping out this Spring with our Destination Discovery program!” 

Beyond her volunteer role, Fabiana channels her energy into being a research assistant and pursuing a master’s degree in Health Education and Behavior. These volunteer experiences seamlessly complement her academic and professional pursuits, creating a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle. 

GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse has not only provided Fabiana with a platform to contribute to a noble cause but has also enriched her life in unexpected ways. Volunteering here has been a wonderful journey full of compassion and joy that she wholeheartedly encourages others to explore. 

Thank you Fabiana for all you do for our incredible participants! We can’t wait to see you on our Destination Discovery program’s happening this Spring!

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