A taste of the continents- Volunteer Spotlight

“Hello! My name is Glynis Moinet. I got involved with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse because I think it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with people all over the country who don’t have GiGi’s playhouse where they live. I am the program leader for Virtual GiGi’s Kitchen Adult. This is a program where we most of all have FUN! But we also learn about nutrition, kitchen skills/safety, and together we prepare a new recipe each week.  

So many moments were special to me leading this program this Fall. All of the participants and helpers were so open to trying new types of food. As I have traveled all over the world, I had this idea of cooking food from different continents! We had the best time cooking food from Asia, Europe, South America and North America. Every week we have “best of all moments,” when the participants are smiling so big and interacting with each other! 

When I’m not volunteering with GiGi’s I am a hairstylist. I am also an avid lover of the outdoors and love walking my dog Cocoa in the beautiful parks of North Carolina each day. I volunteer in several different communities, and I LOVE it! I would highly recommend volunteering to others. At first you may not think you are qualified for the task but most organizations have training, so you don’t have to be qualified, you just have to be willing! I can guarantee you will get so much more out of volunteering than you could imagine! Most of all you will bring so much joy to others. 

My advice to future virtual volunteers is to not be afraid to just jump in! Learn to laugh at yourself and most of all have FUN! “


Illuminating Pathways to a Brighter, More Inclusive Future

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of our lives were upended. But amidst the challenges, opportunities for connection and growth emerged in unexpected places. For Cindy Marie, this opportunity came in the form of GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse. When the pandemic closed physical locations, Cindy Marie found herself eager to continue supporting the…

The equation for success 

GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse has an incredible 1:1 math tutoring program where our math tutors are empowering their students by promoting a positive experience of learning mathematics with a sound foundation of basic number understanding. Our volunteers choose to become tutors for many reasons. One of our math tutors, Paul Guglielmo, told us “Volunteering was always important to…

A note from Desiree & Brighton

“GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse gives our son, Brighton, the opportunity to learn alongside others like him, as we don’t have a GiGi’s playhouse where we live. It has helped our family learn what it’s like in his shoes and the programs expose him to sign language. We love learning new signs and showing them to him.…

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