Benjamin’s Story

My Story: Benjamin James Otamendi

One day while at work during the 13th week of my pregnancy, I received a called from my doctor informing me that a recent diagnosis showed I had an 85% chance of having a baby with Down syndrome. For a moment we felt confused and kind of lost. It took me a moment to absorb the news and understand what was happening.

However, as a family of faith, we put our trust in God, leaned on Him, and asked for His will to be done and carry us through this journey. Yes, many tears were shed but amid all we felt a peace that was beyond all understanding. When Benjamin was born all of those tears turned into joy, and he was received and welcomed with much love. God has blessed our family with this little angel, and we are so grateful He has chosen us.

Benjamin has touched many lives; even when he was still in the womb, and we can’t imagine what God has prepared for him in the future. We would like to thank Gigi’s Playhouse Tampa and their support; Dureen and Nikkie are wonderful and so supportive. We are very grateful to be part of your family. 

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GiGi’s Playhouse’s Mission is to increase positive awareness of Down syndrome through national campaigns, educational programs, and by empowering individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community.

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