Participant Best of All

Just when you think progress isn’t being made…patience is key

Best of All moments are those moments that catch one off guard and may seem not so exciting to most but for our participants, it can mean the world! These moments can occur at any time but our tutors are often blessed with them.

We would like to share a special Best of All that is a perfect.

Carrie has been a tutor for her 6 year old participant for 2 sessions and while it has taken time for the relationship to blossom, that bond is taking shape and flourishing.

Carrie and her tutee during session
Participants work progress of mimicking tutors writing

Carrie shared:

“I wanted to follow up with the “big” progress that my 6 year old participant made on Tuesday that I had shared with Rissa after my tutoring session.

The participant loves to play with the numbered ice cream cone set. I laid out the numbered cards in numeric order on the floor and counted them. She was interested and I then asked her to make me a 3 scoop ice cream cone and she made a bit of an upset noise to show her disinterest in my game.

Then an amazing thing happened – the participant was stacking the ice cream cones on top of one another but while she was doing it she was looking for a specific number each time before she added them. I then realized she was nesting the ice cream cones in numeric order 1-10. I gave her a ton of praise and she did it again in the correct order 2 more times. It was a breakthrough moment! I told the participant that her mom would be excited to see what she could do, and we needed to show her. At the end of the session, I brought her mom back to the room to surprise her and have her daughter perform the task again, but she wouldn’t, so I shared with her mom what she had done. I feel so happy to know this participant is learning and connecting with me.

I just wanted to share that good news.”

Sometimes we just have to wait and see. Our participants are always watching and learning in their own way and we celebrate these moments along the way.

GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego offers literacy and math tutoring and can meet the learning style as needed for each individual. To find out more information on becoming a tutor or to be a participant receiving tutoring please contact and/or visit:

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