Meet our Ambassador Clark – Our Best of All story

November was a busy month for our Ambassador Clark. A huge shout out for his determination in spreading the GiGi’s word of becoming a donor as well as collecting donations for our Party with a Purpose. Clark has a goal of challenging himself and being flexible which we all know can be hard at times, but Clark pushed himself. When out canvasing, Clark worked with his Site Manager to prepare a blurb and after each place visited, he would ask for feedback for the next time. This proved to be fruitful for him and gave him such a great self-confidence to be able to next prepare and execute a speech during the actual event.

Below you will see Clark with a donation from a UK Football Team who were appreciative of us reaching out and even tagged him in one of their Instagram stories (with his permission) and the other is of Clark making his thank you speech during PWAP alongside Board Vice President/mother Jeri. Clark is working towards becoming a better GiGi’s Ambassador by beefing up his skills.

Clark with a donation from a UK Football Team who were appreciative of us reaching out.

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