Bulletin Board for Community Opportunities!

When our playhouse doors are open, we take pride in informing our families of community opportunities, resources, events, and fundraisers. We want to continue featuring these opportunities while we are operating virtually -we’ve created a virtual bulletin board to display all things going on in our community right now. You’ll find below, opportunities for your family to participate in and opportunities for your family to support other local families.

*you can spread the word too*



  • Mask of Hope
    The MASK OF HOPE team has been making masks with windows along with regular masks. We are a Deaf-owned business located in Garner, NC. We can ship masks nationwide & offer pick ups locally.  Masks with windows are not just for individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing, but for anyone who seeks to better understand facial expressions.


  • Keepsake Tales
    Keepsake Tales exists because we believe that every child is one of a kind and has intrinsic value. We are creating the most personalized children’s books in the world so that every child – regardless off what they look like – can see themselves as the champions of their story and understand that they do matter.
    Discount Code: GigiRaleigh10 is good for 10% off the first book! (No Barriers -Mount Jungle)



  • Exceptional Life Coaching
    Sara is a certified Special Needs Life Quality Coach and the Founder of Exceptional Life Coaching. Sara’s personal and professional experiences have led her to become a lifelong, passionate advocate for the special needs community.
    Our services include coaching in the following areas: *All services are available for online sessions if you are not located in the triangle of North Carolina*
  1. Social & Interpersonal Skills
  2. Transportation Skills
  3. Organization and Time Management
  4. Personal Styling & Grooming
  5. Diet & Exercise
  6. Social Media Training
  7. Personal Care & Hygiene
  8. Interview and Employment Preparation
  9. Training Romantic Relationships
    Other (to meet the client’s unique needs)

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