Harmonies of Dedication: Honoring Rosemary

What do you picture when you think about the GiGi’s Playhouse Joyful Ringers? Besides our participants with brightly colored handbells, ready to perform, you see our amazing Program Leader, Rosemary Campbell. With her contagious smile from ear to ear, she is ready to play some beautiful music for everyone to hear. Rosemary has been an active volunteer from Day 1 when GiGi’s Playhouse opened back in June 2016. She started as our Literacy Coordinator which was a big undertaking as we were just opening and starting this impactful program. She trained and trained others and did it every day with a smile on her face and was always willing to learn. Then we were blessed when she said “yes” to lead our Handbell group that ended up taking off as one of our most beloved programs. One of the best things about our Joyful Ringers program is that we get to go out in the community to perform. We get the opportunity to show our community what our participants are able to do and break down the barriers and perceptions of those individuals with Down syndrome. As for our fearless program leader, Rosemary shows her compassion and patience as she teaches each participant to be their “Best of All” in following directions and looking at the color-coded cards for them to perform. She navigates to all the different performance locations driving our 15-passenger van, again with a smile on her face. After six years of leading this program, she is hanging up her “handbells” to take care of her expanding family. We are so fortunate to have dedicated volunteers like Rosemary in our community, who give so much to our families. The growth we have seen in our participants through this program has been exceptional. But we know she is only a phone call away if we ever need her, right Rosemary?? Thank you, Rosemary, for ALL that you have given to GiGi’s Playhouse and our families. 

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