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321 campaign

Calling all families to join our 321 campaign, Become a 321 Champion, pledging $21 a month for 12 months. There will be a raffle on 3/21/2018 with the names of everyone who has pledged before that date. The raffle includes two tickets to our 2018 Gala on May 5th!

321 is a special number around GiGi's Playhouse because children & adults with Down syndrome have a third copy of their 21st chromosome.

Because GiGi's exists to educate, inspire and believe in individuals with Down syndrome, we are kicking off our 321 Campaign seeking 321 people to donate $21 a month to support GiGi's Raleigh. Your partnership allows GiGi's to offer life changing, free, results-driven programs for all ages & families!

beautiful souls

GiGi’s Playhouse, TDSN, Anna’s Angels and Lili Engelhardt Fine Art Portraiture are collaborating on a fundraising book to celebrate our loved ones with Down syndrome. We have joined together to publish a book of beautiful portraits of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Click here to see a sample of the book “Beautiful Souls … Down syndrome through the eyes of the ones we love"

We will be selling this book locally, on Amazon, as well as at National Conventions.

You can view all of the details and sign up to be part of this project on the TDSN web site using this link: http://www.triangledownsyndrome.org/beautifulsouls


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