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Archive for May 2017

not unlike a caterpillar becoming a butterfly

Volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse has been a godsend to me. Each and every time, I witness what I would call a small miracle of some sort. For an individual child or adult, the sum total of these small miracles results in a true metamorphosis, not unlike a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Thank you, GiGi’s Playhouse!…

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GiGi’s is so rewarding and more importantly fun!

GiGi’s Playhouse is a place where everyone is welcome and everyone is accepted.  I knew my life needed something special and GiGi’s was exactly what I needed. I am a Preschool Director and have really missed teaching.  LMNOP gives me the opportunity to be a teacher again and make a difference in these families’ lives. …

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